The Active Transformation Program – (ATP) is our most comprehensive and aggressive program. It requires your full commitment. The ATP has all the amazing treatments that our Rapid Recovery Plan has but a whole lot more.

Step one is proper diagnostic procedures to rule out underlying disease(s). We evaluate your live blood, and based upon the findings, we may order additional laboratory testing to ensure there is no underlying concerns. If needed, an MRI or CT-Scan will be ordered to take a closer look at the area in pain. The ATP includes a medical consultation with one of our medical weight management physicians. They will suggest a customized meal plan and weight loss products based on your body’s real needs. In addition to being monitored by an MD, you will be assigned a weight management coach to offer additional support to ensure accountability success on our program.

We have a saying around our office … “Give us just one opportunity and we will reset and improve your overall health blueprint for the rest of your life.” We will accomplish this by carefully evaluating and eliminating the bottlenecks that are keeping you from optimizing your health, losing weight, building muscle, regaining your health and feeling better than you have in years.

Each of us has a unique blueprint ingrained into our DNA. It is that blueprint that we are going to reset. We are going to do that by providing the missing links between your desire to feel better and your ability to succeed. Our Transformation Program is designed with your individual needs in mind.

We will share with you the SECRET psychology for increasing your energy, enhancing your mental focus, decreasing stress and moving better.

You will be healthier. Weight loss will be natural and automatic due to the proper increase in activity. The Active Transformation Program (ATP) is the perfect blend of techniques that make LVPRC truly one of a kind. Hundreds of professional athletes and celebrities rave about the high level of care that they receive from our amazing LVPRC team.

Our ATP was specially designed to optimize our individual patient’s needs and improve their overall health and well-being. Our ATP is an interwoven, multi-disciplinary system of diagnostic and treatment techniques that are unique to our centers. Our program focuses on transforming our patients’ lives. It helps them get off their current path and find a better one.

Patients come to our office for three reasons: Pain, Prevention and Performance. The immediate improvement in their daily activity and performance is why they stay, pay, and refer. Our ATP starts out quickly by properly diagnosing and addressing the real cause(s) of your pain and then focusing on your over-all health and wellness.


Active Transformation Program includes:

  • Annual Membership of LVPRC Customer Loyalty Program

  • 12-month commitment

  • $99.00 per month

  • $35 co-pay

  • $35 training sessions

  • 10% discount on products and equipment

Physician Partnership
Working hand-in-hand with you, we create a partnership to help you over come challenges, setting accountability and responsibility

Diagnostic Testing
We apply real science by understanding your body inside and out.

Internal Health
Your internal organs, blood and body chemistry are all taken into account as we create a program tailored to your body

External Health
We study your movement capabilities and range of motion and utilize techniques that break down scar tissue, reduce pain, and free you from dysfunction

​Stress Reduction & Airway Restoration
Lowering your stress and improving your oxygen uptake will provide you with increased performance and mental clarity.

Medical Weight Management
We provide you with a custom nutrition and eating plan to ensure your body composition is balanced for optimal health.

​Strength & Prevention
We design a workout plan that allows you to fast-track muscle building, maintain proper movement function and lower your risk of injury.

Health Maintenance
We help you maintain your health and active lifestyle with an affordable membership plan that facilitates continual improvement.